Moruzzi "Shorty" | Carbon Fiber Tactical HandStop CNC Machined M-Lok

Moruzzi "Shorty" | Carbon Fiber Tactical HandStop CNC Machined M-Lok

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Benefits & Features:

- Wide chamfer and radius has excellent hold and feel against edge of palm
- CNC precision machined from a solid piece of high temp Carbon Fiber Billet 40+ plies of material!
- Lighter weight than aluminum
- Zero moisture absorption
- Extremely durable
- Hand Finished Detail
- Low heat conduction characteristics
- Reduces fatigue
- Unlike wood, Carbon Fiber will not warp due to heat or moisture
- Sealed with high temp Aerospace sealer


- Designed to fit M LOCK rail, will occupy 1 M LOCK slots per unit
- Dimensions: L 1.59" inches x W 0.610" inches x H 1.410" (+/- 0.005")
- Weight: 14g (0.5 oz)

Package includes:

(1x) Carbon Fiber HS
(1x) Hex Wrench
(1x) Hardware case
(1x) Locking T-Nut
(1x) M4 Screw


Customer Reviews

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Shorty Hand Stop Long Term Review

I was one of the early users of the Shorty hand stop along with a few other products from Moruzzi's. Before I get into my opinion on these rail covers. I would like to say that the customer service, attitude, and quality of the product would lead me to purchase any one of the products Moruzzi's offers for a large number of applications. Not only do they look great, but they are also durable, lightweight, and backed by a company that is proactive in satisfying their customers. The Shorty hand stop I received weighed .507 Oz W/O Hardware. The hardware was .085 Oz for a total of .592 Oz. Despite only requiring one piece of hardware the stop fits snug with no purchase/movement. This one was the only product of the three I have used so far to have an issue. When I say issue, I mean Moruzzi reaching out and stating they sent one from the reject pile before I even had the item in hand. This is the reason I speak so highly of Moruzzi's and their commitment to the customer. They had a new one shipped before I even received the first one, and they fulfilled the initial order expeditiously to begin with. Despite receiving a reject, I would have likely never noticed the issue until much farther down the road (See the attached photo for an idea of how small an issue this was). Seriously this is the level of pride Moruzzi's had in their product and customer service, to provide a free replacement before there is even an opportunity to see or realize that the one I was initially sent was even compromised. The hand stop itself is sturdy, lightweight, stylish, and tested to be durable. While I fell in love with the A.F.G and have since used that one more, this one is a favorite of the Fiancé due to her hand size. She does not like most grips and stops out there as they prevent her from getting a secure grip. The shorty fits my larger hands as well. It only takes up one slot of MLOK so for those with limited rail space the shorty will work well for you.