Through the years we have had a wide range of projects and programs we had the pleasure of working on. In this section we'll share with you some of those projects, they range from very easy and small to large and complex. 



Customers shotgun stock wrapped with Carbon Fiber. 


02.26.2015 - I had a father / son project tonight for his school and as many 8 year old's addiction to the Minecraft game, I thought it would be cool for him and I to make a carbon fiber pickaxe version on the CNC router !  

I would like to give a shout out to Angelkitty17 for allowing us to use the vector she put together!!

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 Surfboard Infusion / VARTM     

From the initial concept design, infusion, material combination flame overlay layout (my brothers hand is a lot better than mine :), bonding, then finished product (pics to come).

The materials: High modulus 5HS carbon fiber, Epoxy resin, and EPS foam. 

The Process: VARTM (infusion), hand cut letters/flames/cross/shield/fin box rails/, secondary bonding, and hand routing. 


The design of the longboard.







 A large scale R&D project for an unmanned underwater vessel. The vessel was infused at 360 degrees with all the structural components    co-infused.  




The RedBull Flugtag project for California Speedway.

This was a awesome project that we enjoyed! We were commissioned by California Speedway from a buddy of ours that works there. 

The Materials: Carbon fiber, Epoxy resin, foam adhesive, and EPS foam.

The Process: Wet lay-up, hot wire foam cutting, foam routing, and bonding.          

30' wingspan made out of EPS foam  The full scale almost ready for the carbon fiber skins..  
More work is needed...Packing it up for the day...
The "hollowed" design enabled us to have a lighter and stronger wing.  The Flying wing on display  Getting ready for the push...Unfortunately the pilot got a little scared and let go when the wing released from the car plummeting off the edge.. Very disappointing for our crew that put everything together!