Moruzzi AeroLite A.F.G. Carbon Fiber Tactical HandStop MLOK AR15 AR10

Moruzzi AeroLite A.F.G. Carbon Fiber Tactical HandStop MLOK AR15 AR10

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No one else in the market offers a machined 100% carbon fiber HS.

 Benefits & Features:

 - Wide chamfer and radius has excellent hold and feel against edge of palm

- CNC machined from a solid piece of high temp Carbon Fiber Billet 45+ plies of material!

- Lighter weight than aluminum

- Zero moisture absorption

- Extremely durable

- Hand Finished Detail

- Low heat conduction characteristics

- Reduces fatigue

- Unlike wood, Carbon Fiber will not warp due to heat or moisture

- Sealed with high temp Aerospace sealer

 ForeGrip Specifications:

 - Designed to fit M LOCK rail, will occupy 1 M LOCK slots per unit

- Dimensions: L 4.68" inches x W 0.610" inches x H 1.760" (+/- 0.020")

- Weight: 5.3g (0.2 oz)

 Package includes:

 (1x) Carbon Fiber HS

(1x) Hex Wrench

(1x) Hardware case

(2x) Locking T-Nut

(2x) M4 Screw

Customer Reviews

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Dave Piscitello
Work of art

It’s perfect thank you. this company is great!!! Beautiful products!!!

William Lynch
Very nice!

This is exactly what I was looking for. Carbon Fiber, CNC cut, made in a USA. And the fit is great! Everything, even the packaging, is clearly made with pride! Plus it’s not the same shit you find at the local gun shop or on Amazon. This is for when you want something different.

A.F.G. Review

Nice quality. Looks great installed. Shipping time was reasonable.

Aerolite A.F.G Long Term Use Review

I was one of the early users of the A.F.G along with a few other products from Moruzzi's. Before I get into my opinion on these rail covers. I would like to say that the customer service, attitude, and quality of the product would lead me to purchase any one of the products Moruzzi's offers for a large number of applications. Not only do they look great, but they are also durable, lightweight, and backed by a company that is proactive in satisfying their customers. The Aerolite A.F.G I received weighed .769 Oz W/O Hardware. The hardware was .085 Oz (2) for a total of .854 Oz. There is not a lighter foregrip on the market that is as versatile and usable as this one (I was unable to find anything even close to this light for the size. I love the Shorty stop but this one takes the cake for my personal preference. I had the opportunity to use these in two separate weekend long carbine classes and have used them almost daily since installing. They have held up well, and I have not hesitated in giving them a beating. I am not affiliated with Moruzzi's and have not been tested a large batch of these so the weight may very slightly but in general they will be lighter than anything currently on the market, I just wanted to provide a general weight range for those building lightweight carbines/rifles. At the time this grip was in the prototype stage, so I was given the chance to test this out before it hit the open market. Being the case, I was intentionally brutal on this one during my two weekend long classes. I used it as a wall stop, braced in on car doors as I shot, and generally beat on it hard. I was initially a little skeptical about how it would hold up given the milled-out design, but it took everything I could throw at it. I found this one to be particularly comfortable in the later hours of the day when fatigue set in. I have had wrist issues in my support hand following a motorcycle accident when I was younger and the angle this grip is set at is killer! The concave angle on the back side of the grip allows for secure handling as well as a great thumb slot when bracing against a wall. The chamfered edges prevent snagging on gear as well. Installation was a breeze and they come packaged like a product well outside of their price range. I also tested the (V1) Shorty Hand Stop, and the Textured Tactical Rail Covers (3-slot), so feel free to head over and view my review on those two products. I will also be purchasing the A.F.G V2 and Micro Stop V1 and potentially the StraightEdge for testing and reviewing, I will post separate reviews for those items at a future date. I can not speak highly enough of Moruzzi's and their owner!